The Story of a Kit Car Build


Well, I hadn’t actually been looking for another kit after building a ROCHDALE GT through the 80s, but I’d taken that to a point where I didn’t want to start any of the work that was needed to bring it back up to scratch. I’d used it for a few years after completion and it was showing signs of wear and tear, and any enthusiasm just wasn’t there.

Anyway, one day Dave rang me to ask if I’d ever heard of a HALDANE kit. I replied that I thought it was a HEALEY replica?

Me: “Why?”

Dave: “Well I know where there might be one for sale. A chap I’m working with knows of it.”

Me: “Can you find out a bit more about it?”

It turned out that it was residing in a front garden in Shotton, North Wales. After a lot of phone calls it was agreed that if it was in the condition described then I would bring a trailer and tow it away for the price the seller wanted.

So, off we went with my brother (who also plays a role in this story) driving his car with his trailer ready to pick up my next project.