The Story of a Kit Car Build


I’d started to refit the parts taken off for the spraying, but when it came to the boot hinges I wasn’t convinced that they were right. They looked as if they were for the same side. So I rang S & J spares where I’d got them from at Tatton Park in August 2005 to see if they’d had any complaints about these things. They said, “No, but bring them back and we’ll take a look for you.” I was wrong and there was nothing wrong with them. I explained that they were for a HEALEY replica and not actually for a COBRA, which is what they were made for, but I’d bought them because they’d been made with the SVA in mind and also they are stainless steel instead of chrome. They said, “Don’t worry. We’ll sort it out.” And brought some MORRIS MINOR ones for me to look at. They looked almost the same except for the angle they would sit on the boot, so wouldn’t suit the HALDANE. So he returned my cash and asked me to ring tomorrow and he’ll try and see if he can get some HEALEY ones for me!

All this was done without receipts or anything just goodwill. I mean, I’d had these almost 12 months and then I get in touch because I hadn’t bought the right parts and they refund me and offer to try and help me! Now that is what I call service with a capital ‘S’. Brilliant!