The Story of a Kit Car Build

Electronic Speedo

I decided that due to the different wheel sizes and diff ratio that an electric speedo was the only answer to the problem. I got the whole kit and went ahead and tried to work out some place to get the four sender points needed to pick up the sensor unit. The usual place is the prop shaft but, as it says in the instructions, the sensor must be no more than 2mm away from pick up points It didn’t leave much room to play with, so acting on advice from the suppliers I went to find some cap head bolts for the prop to diff fixing. Could I get any? Yes... eventually! I must have tried every engineering supplier in Manchester and every time:

Me: “Have you got any 10 x 1 bolts?”

Them: “Yes, certainly.”

Me: “Cap head?”

Them: “Err... no chance!”

I finally got some from a place in Ashton. When I rang them I asked, “I don’t suppose you’ve got any cap head bolts?“

Them: “Hmmm, let’s have a look. How many do you want?”

I was stuck for words at first and told them about the problems I was having getting some. They said that they were old stock and there was some surface rust, but nothing to worry about. I bought eight just in case something goes wrong (like it sometimes does for me).

I haven’t quite finished setting it all up yet, so I can’t say how it went.