The Story of a Kit Car Build


I said earlier that my brother Neil had a part to play in this tale. Apart from towing the car from Shotton, I have another thing to thank him for. He drives SAABs all the time. In fact, he won’t consider any other make. What he’ll do is buy them cheap, run them until no longer worth spending money on and buy another. He then keeps the old one for any spares he might need. Anyway, I was at his house one day and I took a look at his seats. They looked quite comfortable so I sat in it to see. I was right; they were. So, after asking him if I could have them I got out the spanners and took them home. I tried them for size – just right! Brilliant! Free seats just need recovering. I had them redone in dark blue leather:


(I could have bought aftermarket seats but they would have been almost as dear and after previous experience with them I think I’ve made the right decision.)