The Story of a Kit Car Build

Ignition System

The next big job was the wiring for the ignition system. The wiring loom was in place when I bought the car, so I’d managed to do the lights, indicators and so on, but the starting system was a bit beyond me with all the different FORD types and, trying to connect to kit car, I thought it’s better left to someone who knows more about it than me. So, I asked George – a friend of my brothers – to take a look. He said he was dreading this moment and wouldn’t have done the job but for knowing my brother. I said to George that I wasn’t in a hurry for it, so if he wanted I’d leave some spare garage keys with him so he could fit the job in at his leisure. I hadn’t heard from him for a few weeks when after working night shifts for a week or so I woke up one afternoon and threw back the curtains only to see my garage door wide open! I swear I’ve never woken up so quickly in my life! So shirt on, I was down the stairs and out to the garage to see George sat there wiring my car. PHEW!!! After I’d recomposed myself we both had a brew and before long the car burst into life. What a feeling.