The Story of a Kit Car Build

Weather Gear

Now for the hood. There were already fittings in the hood where someone had tried to fit it before. It was new, but hadn’t been final fit to the car, so I had to fit the body clips and studs where they would line up with the existing hood fittings and hope for the best. In the instruction manual it says to start at the rear and work forward, but my way of working was that the door opening had to go where the studs on the hood and the front header rail were.

Shirley and I went out for a test run on a dry day, taking the hood with us, of course. Within a very short time it started to rain. Quite heavy at first, then VERY heavy. I hadn’t got any side screens at this point but I wasn’t overly worried as the rain would run off the rear of the hood. wouldn’t it? Well, actually, no it wouldn’t. We got slightly damp to say the least.