The Story of a Kit Car Build


I was thinking one day about what was next on the list of things to do, when I thought I’d fit the doors. I know these should be one of the last things to do, but I was in the mood to do something so I got on with it. The hinges had been fitted before and (by some sheer chance, I expect) they weren’t too bad. So after much adjusting by putting shims in here and taking out there, I managed to get them flush all round and and even. However, the swage lines didn’t line up too well. The driver’s side was OK at the front but ran out towards the rear, while the passenger’s wasn’t bad but not perfect. I have to remember, of course, that the moulds were probably taken from an original car so they won’t be up to today’s standards. However, with a little bit of work I can probably sort that out. I then removed the doors and put them back in the loft!