The Story of a Kit Car Build

Cooling System

The manual for this kit states that a FORD CORTINA radiator is the one to use but this is difficult to top up when in place. However, I was planning to use power steering and this would mean it would be too large, so I’ve now got a DOLOMITE 1850 rad with remote header tank instead. I’d rang a dealer near me who told me that it wasn’t just the size of the rad but the through flow of air that was just as important, so I plan to use the side air vents that the rally cars used and most COBRA replicas have.

This next bit is a bit weird but I swear it’s true! I was due to fit the dash that I’d painted, so I had to fit a washer jet for the screen. Just before I was going to ring a supplier I went into my garage and saw on the bench a brand new washer jet still wrapped in a plastic bag! I don’t know where it came from and didn’t even know I had one anywhere. Weird or what?