The Story of a Kit Car Build

Problem Parts

So, on we go with the build up. Everything went pretty much OK without too many problems apart from one little snag. The rear diff needs to be changed to allow for the different wheel size – 13” to 15”. So, before fitting the body shell back on to the chassis, I went out to look for a diff to suit the car. Wouldn’t you know it, the only car with the diff I wanted was squashed between two others! Anyway, it was the only one I’d seen so I got on with it AFTER(!) agreeing a price with the breakers yard. I once saw someone arguing about the price of some parts with the owner after it had taken him ages to remove, but he wouldn’t budge on his price. (The lads at the yard congratulated me when I went to pay saying they didn’t think I’d get it off!)

While I’m on the subject of parts for this car, I’d like to ask WHY did HALDANE use ball joints from FIATs? When I wanted new locknuts for the joints, I was told they were off a FIAT 128 or 132. These were almost obsolete when mine was being made in 1990 and the lads at my local dealers hadn’t heard of them. Why did I try them? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. So, I started to ring round local engineers suppliers only to be told, “You’ll be lucky to get any with that thread!” One company offered to make me some; minimum order was 100 for £25. Not a bad price, but what do I do with the other 96? Anyway, a couple of weeks later one of the shops rang me to say they’d got me half a dozen – great! Then the next time I went to the Stafford kit show, I spotted four in stainless on a stall in the auto jumble. Needless to say, I snapped them up.